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In general terms, data conversion is described as a process of converting the data from one format to another. Data conversion can be simple or complex, based on the environment and the various data formats involved in your business. At times, data conversion can be a time-consuming task, especially in the cases of complex data formats. Improper handling of data conversion can easily lead to the loss of crucial information.

Today, most of the business firms are looking out for a perfect data conversion service provider, as they are dealing with a bulk of data on a daily basis. India Data Entry offers the best and unique data conversion service at an affordable price. We have a dedicated team of data conversion professionals who ensure to modify your data into a compressed and portable form in a short time.

We are specialized in converting the input business data which is available in a spreadsheet or a word format to the varied electronic formats such as HTML, XML, SGML, and much more. We make the documents easy to manage and access. We are well-trained in converting any kind of data such as reports, journals, periodicals, catalogs, and various financial statements.

Our Data Conversion Services consist of:

  • Data conversion
  • eBook conversion
  • HTML conversion
  • XML XHTML conversion
  • Document OCR conversion
  • TEXT, TXT conversion
  • PDF conversion
  • SGML conversion
  • XML conversion
  • XLS CSV conversion
  • Image conversion

With the help of our successful and renowned data conversion services, we will help your firm to achieve certain targets such as:

  • Organizing the data
  • Digitizing the data and the documents
  • Helping you to get rid of the unwanted data
  • Reusing the data as per the requirements
  • Minimizing the risk of your data being lost or damaged
  • Helping you to save the space for data storage

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