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Transcription means typing the text which is being recorded. The transcriptionist listens to the audio and types out the details as it is recorded in the audio. The dictation of the transcription is taken in the word or any of the word processing software. Generally the recordings in the audio are – a single person dictating, it could be a conversation among two people or it could be an academic session. General transcription is mostly related to particular business.

The general transcriptions services provider generally include the transcription of various interviews, radio shows, meetings, presentations, seminars, various industrial events and also some of the political interviews. The general transcription company is relatively easier to do when compared to other types of transcription. The reason being in general one has to have good knowledge of English and also should have good knowledge about the grammar. Where in the legal and medical transcription – English knowledge is definitely a deciding factor but besides this one should be familiar with the legal and medical terms. Hence some knowledge in these fields is required for the specific type of transcriptions.

We at India Data Entry provide various outsourcing services among which the general transcription company is also the one which they provide their services. The professionals at India Data Entry provide the services of Data Processing Services along with the transcription services. Among many outsourcing agents the trained professionals of India Data Entry are the most sought after professionals. We are a BPO having the base of the company base in India. We provide the entire range of different types of transcription namely – general transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription, inventory transcription, corporate transcription and University transcription.

We use the latest technology for the transcription and the experts at India Data Entry are trained rigorously in order to provide the clients the best results. The results provided by us are 100 percent error free and accurate to the point. The reason for our success is that we focus on quality. In any outsourcing job the quality of work plays an important role. If the quality is approved by the client then you can be sure that the client has been retained for lifetime. Our quality check for the transcription is a three step process. In the first phase the transcripted data is checked by the transcriptionist themselves for any kind of spelling or grammar errors and they are rectified at that level.

The next quality step in India Data entry is to get the data checked by the proofreader who are specifically appointed and trained for this purpose. They are supposed to only proof read the entire document word to word to ensure there are no errors. The last and the final step is to hand over the proofread documents to the supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for the final check. Once the supervisor checks the data and gives the green signal the first draft of the data is provided to the client. The entire process of quality check has to be done within a stipulated period of time. The client then goes through the data and informs the required changes.

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