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The concept of image data entry services has climbed up drastically over the past couple of years. Many companies are outsourcing image data entry services to different firms across the world as it requires executive attention and can be done while saving raised costs. Image Data Entry Services is making its footprint all across the world with a wide range of services that vary from data entry, data processing, data conversion to image scanning and indexing. Here at India Data Entry, we provide a long range of image data entry services which covers image capturing services, image retrieval services, image storage services and image keying services. Our data entry professionals are well equipped in handling all types of projects, i.e. either large or small, they will handle with the same ease and technical efficiency. Organizations are now flexible to adopt the latest technique and technology along with maintaining the data so that it does not become unwanted.

Image Data Entry Services

  • Data entry of scanned images
  • Image entry into an excel spreadsheet or a database of your choice
  • Image capturing services
  • Image Editing Services
  • Image Clipping services
  • Image Cropping services
  • Image keying services
  • Image storage and retrieval
  • High speed data entry from images
  • Catalogue Entry
  • Card Entry
  • Legal Document Entry

Secure, Error-free and Customized image Data Entry Services

We offer high-level, standard quality, cost effective and fast image data entry services that you and your business can easily rely upon. Our image data entry services are superintended by highly talented and focused professionals, who work together to complete any kind of work in the given timeframe. We perform regular quality checks so that you get accurate results all the time. In a matter of getting the required results for your image data entry services, we use the latest user friendly software tools available in the market to make it better and more efficient.

Image data entry services benefits

  • Increase your data entry accuracy with strapping on-image technology that combines your actual forms with data entry. In this process the users simply enters or verify the data they see on the form image.
  • Reduce training times – The users only need to learn the software and doesn’t require form-specific training

We get pleasure in proposing our clients:

Faster – India data entry makes sure that the client’s work of image data entry task is practiced in the least turnaround time without compromising on its quality and accuracy.

Privacy and Confidentiality - Our secure and robust infrastructure prevents unofficial access to critical information. This is done by rigorously maintaining their integrity and confidentiality, with maximum importance to the privacy of our client’s proprietary information.

Excellent Customer Support - India Data Entry provides 24x7 customer support, delivering surprising customer care to service-users.

Skilled & Educated Workforce - We have highly competitive professionals with deep domain knowledge and industry experience. We provide error free, customized solutions and meeting various levels of data entry requirements.

Quality standards - India Data Entry adopts batch file, quality review, image quality review and quality control reports, quality assurance methodologies to ensure Quality standards.

Affordability - We efficiently combines the state-of-the-art technology with process expertise to provide both online and offline Image Data Entry services, by making promise security of our clients sensitive data.

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