Data Entry India - Outsource Data Capture Services

Data Capturing is one of the faster growing segments of BPO industry in India, and the volume of Data Capturing projects being outsourced to the country is amazingly high. We present customized business data capturing services that meet with international standards in terms of precision and prompt performance. This will require extra man power to maintain as well as store the data. Fact is if the data capturing services are being outsourced then the data is transformed into the digital format and will retain you on the data maintenance cost as well as will assist you infuse money on your core business. Data Capturing draw in the altering of written or typed data from hard copies to computerized media. This captured data can be dispensed to the client on practically any storage medium, including stiffies, compact disc, or by using e-mail, direct data communication, dial-up connection and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Data capturing services fundamentally broach to obtaining or capturing data from the physical material, it can be from any material such as receipts, microfilms, bills, forms, paper etc., and converting it into digital format. Our team of highly talented and knowledgeable professional has vast experience in data capturing techniques which saves a lot of time and helps us in delivering more precise and dependable data.

We have a team of specialists who recognize the handwriting and feed the data accordingly. Manual data capturing technique is actively adopted when data is in hand written form, it may include feedback forms, bills etc.
Data capturing technique is used when we have to fasten up the process due to large amount of data which needs to be processed within a given time frame. Once the data is taken out from the automated process it passes through various quality checks. We inspect the data for the junk characters or any other error which occurs due to automation.

At India Data entry data capture services transform the data from the physical format to the digital format, conserve your storage space and makes your data available all around the world for easy accessibility. Both the techniques are used for data capturing manual as well as the automated data capturing techniques relying on the needs and requirement of the project.

Why use off-line data capturing?

Accuracy- All data is verified ensuring an error rate of below 0.04%.
Processing speed- We guarantee an excellent processing speed since we have more than 60 experienced operators.
Cost-The cost of a particular project can vary depending on the complexity of the input form, the volume, as well as the project period. Our data capturing prices are highly competitive. We have proved over the years that we are able to capture data for less that it would cost to do it in-house
Expertise- Our operators are operating on a full time basis, eight hours daily, five days a week. They are trained and motivated to give you the service you deserve.
Outsourcing- Many organizations experience difficulties justifying additional staff to perform in-house functions. By outsourcing these functions, you have access to experts in the field, and do not have to be concerned about all the administration involved in additional recruitment.

We work on areas of eCommerce interfaces like

  • Time sheets
  • Business cards, instruction manuals etc
  • Product warranties, surveys, questionnaires etc
  • Insurance claims, Credit card applications etc
  • Application forms of any types
  • Financial statements, bank statements, credit card statements etc
  • Photographs, charts, graphs etc

Why choose India Data Entry for Data Capturing

  • Capability of expanding as per the project requirements
  • Team of highly qualified and skilled professionals
  • Timely delivery of the data to the client
  • We provide cost effective services
  • 24/7 customer support
  • We maintain high level of quality and deliver accurate data
  • We use both the manual as well as automated techniques to capture data
  • Data once captured passes through several quality tests
  • Our data capturing services cost are lowest best in the industry


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