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Our experienced and trained experts assist the legal businesses to reduce the operational costs and enhance the data management process. Our uniquely designed BPO services will enable our legal clients to focus on the core functioning as we manage and control the data from the handwritten, printed, or digital documents with a complete ease.

  • We successfully collect the data from legal notices, court forms, insurance claim records, and enter them accurately into an Excel spreadsheet or an online database.
  • Assisting you in extracting the significant data from the online legal documents and websites.
  • Scanning thousands of critical legal documents and indexing these scanned data with complete accuracy.
  • Legal transcription such as electronic signatures, competitive evaluation, transcribing management code, and much more.

Today, every healthcare firms are opting for the means of outsourcing to improve their productivity and efficiency. We have numerous clients belonging to the healthcare sector such as hospitals, clinics, etc. Without an accurate and perfect digitization of the numerous amount of medical data records, it is impossible to create a strong healthcare system

  • We work on various challenging sections such as personal information of patients, checkup reports, and other medical details to track the history.
  • We digitize the collected information for various healthcare centers and these precious medical data is entered into a suitable format, as per the needs of the clients.
  • We extract the significant information from the hospital records, medical bills, medical claims, and much more
  • Medical data entry
  • We process medical advices, applications, records request, records release, claim clearance, authorization, and other forms.
  • Converting the market research and patient survey transcriptions into easily readable transcripts

The only way to survive against your competitors in the real estate industry is to possess excellent document digitization and data entry services. A real estate firm carries a bulk of valuable data which is stored in various formats such as legal paperwork, sales details, etc. Managing these details effectively can lead to flawless formation of business decisions. Outsourcing the tasks such as data entry, document management, mortgage data entry and photo editing services are beneficial for the real estate sector.

  • Our experts will assist you with the capturing of relevant data from various sources such as legal documents, property documents, insurance, or tax details.
  • We also extract the property related data from the websites as well as the printed copies.
  • We help the real estate firms to scan any form of document including the mortgage application, purchase agreement, verification of the employment, and much more.
  • We provide the various mortgage processing solutions such as pre-underwriting, pre-closing, loan opening, imaging and document management solutions, title searches, mortgage data entry, and much more.
  • We offer excellent quality enriched image processing services including image enhancement, image stitching, sky change, and perspective correction.
  • We perform the real estate data entry services, wherein we export the relevant data from the order forms, tax records, or MLS reports to any customized database, website of the property, or an online portal.

As the awareness about insurance is increasing among the people, the sector is being more competitive and challenging, than ever before. In this competitive environment, a bulk of data entry tasks, paper work, and other essential back-office activities can create or destroy the growth of a business. It all depends on how you decide to handle. Our professionals will help you by assisting with the huge inflow of paperwork and we possess a great experience in digitizing a large volume of handwritten, printed, or scanned documents.

  • We will help you to enter, manage, digitize, and process the data extracted from the crucial documents.
  • We help you to manage with different claims including pharmacy, institutional, dental, etc.
  • Before carrying out the data entry services, our experts will ensure to understand the requirements effectively.
  • We offer OCR and document scanning services which will help you to convert the required documents into the most preferred format for easy access, retrieval, and editing.
  • We also digitize financial statements, invoices, etc. with complete accuracy.
  • Under the insurance claim form processing service, we implement the double entry system which includes the role of two analysts working on the same document in order to ensure a flawless output.
  • We will help you to keep your database accurate, updated, and consistent. We check for de-duplication, enrich, cleanse, and standardize your valuable data in order to enhance the customer satisfaction.