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Insurance Claims Processing Services Insurance is meant to protect the person from any kind of mishap and also financial planning. The insurance is basically a written contract made between the two parties i.e. the insurance company and the insurer. The insurance company collects a certain amount of premium on monthly basis or yearly basis in order to keep the person and their family insured for a specific period of time. The insurance is taken for protection against any kind of financial losses which may take place due to any unexpected events or man made events. The incurred loss to the insurer is given from the premium that is paid by the insurer. There are three main categories of insurance namely – Life Insurance, General Insurance, Health Insurance and Auto Insurance.

Insurance claim processing is an important aspect in the insurance business. It is vital for the insurance companies to process the claims on time in order to retain their customers. This is one of the most important services that can be provided to their customers. It is an obligation of the insurance companies to settle the claims promptly. In order to get the claims promptly and without any hassles it is important to understand the Insurance claim processing.

We at India Data Entry provide outsourcing facilities of Insurance claim processing to various insurance companies. We are the outsourcing agency which helps the insurance companies to help their customers to get faster claims. The claimant has to fill the claim process from and they should immediately contact their financial consultant from whom the policy has been taken. In addition the claim form we require the documents like the medical certificate from the doctor in case of life insurance and the most important the details of the policy and the copy of the policy. We at India Data Entry ensure that the claimant gets the amount within 7 days of Insurance claim processing.

When we take up the Insurance claim processing in case there is any query with regards to the claim we inform the insurance company so that the insurer can be contacted and the required changes can be done. There are different types of claims which are outsourced by us.

  • Maturity claims – These claims are taken by the insurer when the life insurance is matured and the life insured has to get the maturity claim. In order to have the Insurance claim processing for the maturity claims the insurer should submit the policy bond well in advance of the maturity date. This ensures that we settle the claim on time. The insurance companies pay back the maturity claim in the form of post dated cheques.

  • Death claim – this includes the rider claim. We at data entry india help the Insurance claim processing in four easy steps. The four simple steps to claim the death claim – first step are to provide the claim intimation to the insurance company. In the claim intimation one should mention the policy number, date of death and the cause of death and also the name of the claimant. This shall help us to process the claims faster.


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