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Data can be called as the life blood of any business. In order that the business exists for a longer period of time the company should have the proper data with them. In case of most of the companies the data is disorganized and most of times mismanaged. Whenever there is any requirement of any kind of data then one may find difficult to find the required data in case everything is disorganized. This in turn can lead to huge losses to the company. It becomes difficult for the company to handle the data when the volume is increased. It is necessary that the data entry and the processing should be automated in any company. With the advent of technology and the facility of outsourcing increasing day by day it has become easy to get the Document OCR Conversion done by the companies.

The Document OCR Conversion Services is a form of data management. The OCR essentially means the Optical Character Recognition which helps in conversion of the images into word files. With the help of OCR Conversion the data can be easily converted into text or ASCII file. This is the most automated system. The number of errors while converting the data through OCR system is very less as compared to manual data entry. We at India Data Entry provide the service of Document OCR conversion.

Generally when we convert the data in the OCR there are many errors which may occur due to the inconsistency in the software. Here is where the experts of India Data Entry play a major role. We have the latest technology to convert the files using the OCR. The latest version of the software is used to convert the data. We confirm that the data provided to the clients is approximately 99.99% error free. The professionals check the online data entry by cross tallying with the original manuscript. Thus they are able to find any possible omissions if any. We have out special back office staff that is responsible to proof read the entire converted file so that the converted documents are error free.

The Data Conversion Services provided by our professionals are of various types. Some of the conversion services offered are:

  • PDF to OCR Conversion – When one converts the PDF using the OCR there are chances that there may be some kind of error and the data converted may not prove to be useful. Our highly skilled experts at India Data Entry have been trained to use latest software and tools in order to take care that the entire conversion is done without any kind of mistake.

  • OCR Conversion of forms – We at India Data Entry provides the services of converting the printed forms and the handwritten forms using the OCR methodologies. This service is the most in demand and the service is mostly used by the hospitals, insurance companies. This conversion should be done with utmost care and we have all the required tools and software which ensures that the data is converted in the required format as per the instructions of the client without any error.


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