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India Data Entry offers higher-level, completely reliable, absolutely accurate, prompt and affordable offline data entry services to all clients around the global. Our executive offline data entry services takes care of the laborious and complicated back office operations and leaves you free to focus on core business.

We have a centralized, well equipped and full-fledged infrastructure with all the communication facilities, managerial staff as well as IT staff to take of voluminous offshore data entry services. Our services are to serve banks, industries, healthcare, global corporations, insurance companies and educational institutions. One of our offshore locations is in India, a land where we can quickly mobilize trained and experienced manpower for data entry and in the IT sector. Shifting data entry services offshore not only gives you access to substantially lower costs but also ensures you continuity, reliability and courteous services.

  • Business data entry
  • Government and institutional data entry
  • Forms processing
  • Receipts, invoices, vouchers
  • Applications processing
  • Processing forms from websites
  • Data entry for books, academic fields
  • Offline data capture and data collection

In addition we can input data from books, registers, government records, directories, survey forms and even handle image based data processing in our fully equipped, state of art centre.

What We Do

  • We can input data from a variety of sources with 100% accuracy
  • We can create, organize and manage database with a console application created for each client to let them access it and use the way they want to
  • Handle OCR and form data and data conversion and convert to databases
  • Data output in any of the electronic form

We have definable categories for offline data entry assignments and in such cases each client benefits since we can speedily commence work and deliver outputs. With database experts on our team it does not take long for us to develop bespoke applications for data processing, input and handling. Before we take on an assignment, we discuss each case with our client, take the trouble to understand his needs and come up with a solution that works for him. The two main purposes are to reduce costs and workloads while enhancing efficiencies and productivity. If this is what you are looking for, come to us.

Advantages of Outsourcing Offline Data Entry services to us

  • You save on labor costs, equipment costs and can focus on your business
  • Assured accuracy, total reliability, complete security, satisfaction and highly affordable rates
  • Timely completion, collaborative work
  • Full 24x7 support through phone, mobile, email and online
  • Flexible scheduling, flexible billing and payment, bespoke services to each client
  • Proven track record in a global arena
  • Access to our versatile database handling services and backend services

You will find us cooperative and attentive to your requirements. Outsourcing offline data entry to us is a decision that you will never regret with superior services provided by us that takes care of all your expectations and yet gives you superior services at a lower price.

While offering services direct to global customers, we also work with global IT companies, working as their offshore data entry unit. We welcome inquiries from IT companies looking for trustworthy as well as affordable services in this segment.

To know more about our services and for free trial, contact India Data Entry now or send yourOffline data entry services requirements at