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The HTML has become an outdated scripting language since the introduction of the higher version of HTML. This is known as the XHTML. The XHTML has latest new features and hence it has been preferred by most of the software professionals for the existing websites and also for the new sites. In order to improve the performance of the website even the people with the older version of the HTML format have decided to change the scripting language to XTHML. With the browsers having the advanced features the websites are required to have built in advanced language. This helps the websites to be easily compatible with the latest types of browsers. It is beneficial for the companies to convert their website scripting from HTML to XHTML.

The XHTML is the most advanced scripting language and it is designed in a combination of HTML and XML languages. The XML is known as the extensible markup language. This scripting language possesses all the features which are present in HTML 4.0 which is the combination of syntax and XML. There are many benefits of using this scripting language in order to create a website.

  • The tags used in the XHTML are closed and organized. They are layered properly and in the correct manner. Hence the XHTML provides clean codes.
  • The XHTML offers clean coders, it has become easy for search engines to detect the prospective keywords from the websites and thus it improves the ranking on search engines. 

  •  The XHTML language provides the site developer error free codes with high amount of clarity, which help load website faster in all browsers.

  • The XHTML documents are mostly lean; this essentially it means it uses less bandwidth, which will reduce the bottom line cost that may incur upon the website owner if he uses large number of web pages. 

  • XHTML is compatible with new browsers, but also with the older and non-XHTML web browsers as well. 

  • Instead of converting PSD to html, web developers are converting image into XHTML. The XHTML documents can easily be transferred to any wireless devise and other interfaces. 

  •  XHTML design is based on the strict rules and does not follow non-standard markup language; it is very easy to access the HTML pages.

  • XHTML language allows developers to incorporate the features of CSS that makes website easy to update. The developer use special tools for converting PSD to CSS to integrate images easily on the website. 

  • This language is capable of integrating html with other xml applications.

By writing cleaner codes for the websites, a web developer can make websites that are easy to download and compatible with all the browsers.

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