Benefits of Outsourcing Data Conversion

In today’s world of digitization, data is the elixir for the success of any business. Data can be analyzed to identify the market trends, identify the potential customer, study the traits of the competitors and maintain the progress of the business in a competitive market. None of this possible if data is unorganized, scattered across different mediums and in different formats. Hence, data conversion services are vital to maintaining proper and complete business information for all businesses.

What is Data conversion?

Data conversion is the process of converting data from one format to another for ease of maintenance and usage. For example, data can be converted from Text, PPT, RTF, Flash, PDF, Image and Design formats into HTML or other formats as per the business requirement for accuracy and convenience. For ensuring whether data conversion is correct and compatible with the target business systems, the following criteria should be fulfilled-

  • Data is converted into a suitable format so it is compatible to the target database
  • Data quality and consistency is maintained through the data conversion life-cycle
  • Data is transferred and updated in the target database correctly
  • Data works in the new environment and database

Since different formats require different technologies and expertise, it is outsourced to a competent data conversion BPO service provider. The outsourcing partner will offer the best quality information which is consistent and reliable.

Objectives for Data Conversion:

Data conversion is done for various purposes. Since businesses will be dealing with different vendors and legacy software, each will require the information in a particular format. Moreover, statutory regulations now require information to be submitted regularly in specific formats. All of this require a competent data conversion consultant who will make sure that the converted data conforms to the business requirements such as: ♦ Digital documents and data in various mediums ♦ Organizing and indexing of data ♦ Data backup and security to prevent data loss or data theft ♦ Data clean-up to remove outdated and invalid data ♦ Formatting and utilizing data for business analytics as per requirement ♦ Ease of availability of valid and current data at all times

Benefits for outsourcing Data Conversion

Outsourcing data conversion offers many interesting benefits to businesses such as:

Proficient Data Management – Data conversion is a complex process which involves several steps for conversion of information in various source formats to required formats for better data storage. Offshore service providers with years of experience can perform this task efficiently and systematically and provide the business with tailored information as per the requirements.

 Data Security – The service providers being proficient in their tasks ensure the security of the data from hackers to viruses. Data conversion services provide permanent backup so it is always accessible for business needs.

Data Clean-up – Data is useful only if it is correct. Hence, cleaning up erroneous and redundant data is critical. Data conversion service includes cleaning up of the data to provide you the correct information at all times.

Time Management – Data conversion is an ongoing task for any business which if outsourced to service providers, the business resources can be freed for critical functions.

Cost-Saving – To add to the various benefits, the cost for data conversion and management would be reduced significantly, approximately 50 – 60%, if the services are outsourced as against committing the task in-house.

Outsourcing makes sure that all required steps in data conversion are meticulously followed to the core to ensure quality and consistent information.