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India Data Entry - Document Indexing

Document indexing is a process of associating the documents with varied search terms. Most of the organizations deal with a bulk amount of data on a daily basis. Making the data digitally accessible for all the concerned people in an organization is one of the daunting tasks.

Today, the data in various companies are being stored in paper, emails, database, digital, and other forms. Indexing the documents is a significant way of creating the accessing and retrieving process of the information simple and easy.

India Data Entry offers the best and well-known document indexing service at a low cost. We have a team of trained staffs who strive hard to minimize the space needed to store the documents. We accept the unsorted data from the clients and organize and categorize them into an indexed database. Our team has the ability to enhance the productivity of your organization with successful indexing and archiving.

Our Document Indexing Services include:

  • Categorizing the documents based on their type – We categorize and organize the documents based on their type and usage.
  • Indexing and labeling the documents – We are specialized in indexing and labeling the documents according to the name, address, status, and policy history of the policyholder.
  • Making documents searchable and editable – Our document indexing service will help you to locate the documents easily and the information can be updated in an error-free manner.
  • Developing the document summary – We prepare an in-depth document summary and help you to minimize the burden of reviewing a bundle of documents.

Our Document Indexing Process:

  • The aim of the project – Defining the aim of the data indexing project.
  • Project sampling – Execution of indexing the project based on the client’s input.
  • Pricing strategy – Checking the times, money, and resources.
  • Assigning the project – The project manager is responsible for setting up a team to carry out the document indexing.
  • Following – Once done with the indexing, the data is verified and analyzed to ensure a proper functioning.
  • Quality check – Passing on the output to the quality assurance team to detect the presence of any error or unwanted entries.
  • Output delivery – Uploading the indexing pages based on the client’s requirements.

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