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Today, every business firms deal with a bulk amount of data and stores thousands of records in their database. But it is to be noted that handling too much of data on a daily basis is considered to be a cumbersome task. Hence, a majority of the firms use the MS Excel as a most reliable and effective tool to deal with data management.

India Data Entry is an established service provider of excel data entry at a low cost. We have a well-organized team of committed data entry operators who will make the process of adding and modifying the records with an ease. We assist in maintaining the large MS Excel databases.

  • Bills/receipts/invoices
  • Company records
  • E-books and e-magazines
  • Business cards
  • Magazines and journals
  • Shopping websites
  • Directories and books
  • Enrollment forms
  • Surveys and questionnaire

Our team is specialized in converting the unstructured format into organized digital formats. No matter how many challenges are involved in the project, we’ll help you to deliver the best result in a shorter turnaround time

  • A bulk of data is easily manageable
  • Excel will help to carry out data sorting and data filtering
  • Accurate numeric data being entered into spreadsheet

We deliver the files to our clients via FTP, email, or through the CD. No matter to which industry you belong (banking, healthcare, retail, travel, customs brokerage, finance, accounting, insurance, and much more), we’ll provide you with the trustworthy and reliable data entry services.

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