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India Data Entry -Insurance Claim Data Entry

Similar to other business sectors, today, most of the insurance companies also face a bulk amount of data on a daily basis. Insurance companies are required to transform the information into a suitable database so as to verify the claims and payments

Insurance claim data entry is considered to be a time-consuming process and hence, most of the firms prefer to outsource their needs. India Data Entry offers customized solutions which will help the insurance firms to boost the efficiency and will also minimize the overall cost-effectiveness.

We employ a team of data entry specialists who will look after your data entry requirements with complete dedication and will ensure to deliver a quality-enriched result. If you decide to outsource your insurance claim data entry needs to us, we will help you to focus on the core business.

Our major services consist of:

  • Homeowner’s insurance claim data entry
  • Insurance claim adjuster data entry
  • Accident insurance claim data entry
  • Insurance claim settlement data entry
  • Long-term care insurance claim data entry

We carry out the insurance claim data entry services for:

  • Homeowner’s insurance claim data entry
  • Hospitalization insurance forms
  • Health care financing administration form
  • Disability insurance claim forms
  • ADA insurance claim forms
  • Dental insurance claim forms
  • Death insurance claim forms
  • Critical illness insurance claim forms
  • Uniform billing health insurance claim forms

To gain a perfect and error-free output at the end, our team of professionals ensures to carry out an organized process method:

  • Setting up the claim
  • Maintaining the policy
  • Necessary changes in record – name, address
  • Identifying duplication
  • Collateral verification
  • Validating the reserves
  • Surrender
  • Medical supplemental
  • Auditing and reinstatement
  • Provider excess reinsurance
  • Specific excess reinsurance
  • Verdict
  • Account settlement

Our efficient team who manages to deliver you with great result comprises of insurance claim specialists, cost consultants, and third-party insurance appraisal umpires.

To avail further details about our service, drop us an email at [email protected]