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India Data Entry -Insurance Claim Processing

Insurance is a written agreement made between two parties (the insurance company and the insurer) to safeguard the person from any financial damages. Generally, the insurance companies gather a specific amount of premium on a monthly or a yearly basis, so as to keep the person and their family insured for a time frame.

Insurance claim processing has become an essential aspect of the insurance sector and thus, outsourcing the insurance claim processing has gained a prominence. India Data Entry is specialized in offering extraordinary insurance claim processing solutions at an affordable price.

We have a team of experts who primarily attend to three major categories of insurance – Life insurance, general insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance. We make sure that we process the claims on time, in order to assist our customers consistently.

Insurance claim processing needs to be speedy and should be done instantly. To carry out the process effectively, we require the documents such as a medical certificate from the doctor (health insurance), details and copy of the policy. We make sure that the applicant receives the amount within the next seven days.

Our Major Insurance Claim Processing Services includes:

  • Setting up insurance claim
  • Eligibility and estimation of insurance claim
  • Claim document imaging
  • Full claim adjudication
  • Disbursement
  • Full claim settlement
  • Account settlement
  • Claim support and auditing
  • Modernization of legacy applications
  • Specific excess reinsurance

Usually while undertaking the insurance claim processing, if we come across any queries related to the claim, we make sure to inform the details to the concerned insurance company. The company can approach the insurer, and thereafter, the changes can be made easily.

We minimize the transaction processing time, without making any compromise on the quality of the final output. Once you decide to automate your claim process to us, we will ensure to reduce the administrative costs involved.

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