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India Data Entry - Outsourcing Mortgage Services


A mortgage is defined as a legal agreement which communicates the conditional right of ownership on an asset by the mortgagor to the mortgagee as the best security for a loan.

There has been a growing demand in the mortgage industry and thus, a lot of mortgage firms are depending on the outsourcing means to enhance their productivity. India Data Entry is a specialized service provider of mortgage services at a low cost to all the domestic as well as internationally settled customers.

India Data Entry is a one-stop-solution to meet all your mortgage service requirements as we have employed a dedicated and experienced team of specialists who will cater to your needs in a shorter time frame.

Our mortgage service seekers include:

  • Mortgage banks
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Appraisal reviewers
  • Mortgage underwriters
  • Mortgage closers
  • Contract loan processors
  • Audit and compliance professionals
  • Title companies and specialists

Our dedicated team will help you to save your valuable time and resources and will make you experience a hassle-free set of mortgage services.

Our Major Mortgage Services consists of:

  • Pre-processing support – We handle the pre-processing support for the home loan process. The process involves the reviewing of all the necessary forms and appraisal orders.
  • Loan Processing support – Acquiring a mortgage loan is a challenging as well as a time-consuming task. The major steps under this service includes:
    • Collecting the documents
    • Reviewing the documents for compliance
    • Credit scoring
    • Verification of the credential
  • Mortgage closing support – It is one of the significant process involved in the buying or financing a home. It includes title support services, closing support services, closing and settling the statement preparation, and pre-closing support services.
  • Mortgage post-closing support – Our specialized mortgage post-closing support services consists of:
    • Assembling of the loan packages
    • Post-closing data integrity audit
    • Mortgage electronic registration system
    • Quality control audit
    • Tax, insurance, and reserve audits
  • Underwriting support – This service determines the payment ability of the person who has applied for a mortgage loan. It includes loan approval check, reviewing the fraud presence, underwriting automation software, and title support.
  • Mortgage Title Support – Our mortgage title support comprises of four major services:
    • Mortgage title insurance
    • Title search and ordering
    • Title examination
    • Title commitment

Why should you choose our Mortgage Services?

  • Faster and quicker delivery of the mortgage solution
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellence in all the aspects of our mortgage services

Drop us an email at [email protected] and explore our unique and speedy mortgage services.