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Document OCR conversion is a process which helps you to convert the various types of documents, for example, scanned paper documents or PDF files. These documents are captured by a digital camera and later on, they are converted into an editable and searchable data.

Data is the important aspect of every business organization. Unorganized and irrelevant data can hinder the productivity and growth of every organization. This, in turn, can lead to the loss incurred by a company. This has led to the practice of systematic data entry, processing, and data conversion in every firm.

As there has been a growth in the technological sector, the need for document OCR conversion has increased simultaneously. India Data Entry is a renowned service provider of Document OCR conversion, offering at a low cost. One of the significant parts of data management is considered to be the document OCR conversion

OCR conversion is the process of converting the images into the Word files. Our talented and highly dedicated team will make the process of converting the data into text or ASCII file. The occurrence of errors while carrying out the data conversion through OCR is less when compared to the other methods.

The major document OCR conversion services offered by us are:

  • PDF to OCR conversion – We utilize the latest technologies and carry out the conversion of PDF using OCR, under the strict guidance of our experts.
  • OCR conversion of forms – We are specialized in converting the printed and handwritten forms with the help of the OCR methodologies. This service is largely demanded by industrial sectors such as hospitals or insurance firms.

We utilize the contemporary technologies and advanced software to convert the documents using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition). We ensure a 99.99% accuracy in the output delivered. We comprise of a quality check team who are responsible for proofreading the complete set of converted files so as to eliminate the occurrence of errors.

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