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India Data Entry - Offline Data Entry

Offline data entry is a process of capturing and organizing the data from documents such as bills, receipts, or invoices in an effective way. Today, almost every business sector is dealing with the numerous back-office tasks such as billing, accounting, or purchasing. Offline data entry is primarily the offline task.

In order to manage such tasks efficiently, it is preferable to outsource the non-core tasks such as the offline data entry. It will help to increase the efficiency as well as the productivity of your business. India Data Entry offers the specialized as well as customized offline data entry solutions which will satisfy the needs of our clients in a short time.

Most of the offline data entry tasks such as data entry for the insurance claims, data entry for spreadsheets, etc. consume a large amount of our valuable time. We ensure to offer a precise solution to your key offline data entry problems at an affordable price.

Our Offline Data Entry tasks include:

  • Data entry for books and academic fields
  • Government and institutional data entry
  • Business data entry
  • Processing forms from website
  • Offline data capture and data collection
  • Applications processing
  • Offline data entry from mailing list and image files
  • URL list collection
  • Offline form filling
  • Excel sheet filing and MS Word document data entry
  • Offline data collection
  • Offline data entry from one format to another
  • Catalog data entry
  • Offline data entry of medical records
  • Offline order processing
  • Offline sorting and indexing of data available in any format

Our Process

  • Data input from various sources
  • Creating, organizing, and managing the database
  • Handling OCR and form data/data conversion and converting to a database
  • Output offered in any electronic format

When you outsource your work to us, you will be experiencing a way to save money as well as getting the final output via great professionals. We will help you to focus on the essential business activities which are largely related to the ROI and the growth. You can save nearly 50-60% on the operating cost.

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