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India Data Entry -TEXT Conversion

TEXT Conversion A text in a system is stored as the numbers known as ASCII number with each letter having its own number. One can input the text to convert it into these ASCII numbers. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

Today, the data stored in the computers are increasing rapidly when compared to the data stored in paper documents. As computers are more dependable, the firms have decided to take up the most reliable way of storing the data.

India Data Entry offers the best TEXT conversion services at a cost-effective rate. You can rely on our TEXT conversion services if you want to input any sort of data. Our experienced team will utilize the advanced technologies and will ensure to deliver an excellent output within the mentioned time.

Our Major TEXT conversion services include:

  • XML to TEXT – Our team possesses the specialization in utilizing the technology to its best and offering our clients with the precise and unique conversion of XML documents into the Text format.
  • Image to TEXT – We do not make any compromise in the quality of the conversion of scanned images into the Text files. We carry out the conversion from image to TEXT, picture to TEXT, and photo to the TEXT format.
  • PDF to TEXT – We carry out the TEXT conversion for both types of files such as the PDF or the images. We implement the OCR technology and a complete quality check to ensure 99.99% accuracy.

TEXT conversion should be 100% error-free as a small corrupt data or entry can affect the overall text. Conversion is done through several aspects including the coding of the text format. Coding is indirectly associated with the content and thus, there are higher chances for data modification in the form of texts.

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