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India Data Entry - Word Processing

In today’s digitized world, the concept of word processing has gained utmost importance for various companies to deal with the text, reports, and graphs. If you are dealing with the word processing in-house, it would be an expensive and highly time-consuming task.

The concept of word processing has been required in every organization, irrespective of the nature and type of the firm. A company may require the word processing in various forms. India Data Entry offers a unique and customized set of word processing services to all our clients at an affordable price.

We have a well-trained and highly professional team of specialists who offer the word and document processing solutions for any form such as handwritten, typed, or printed/scanned medical, business, publications.

We tend to simplify the process of word processing data entry with the help of easy creation of word/document templates. The official documents need to be structured and effectively organized in a specific format. There are plenty of word documents which should be available in a simple and medium language.

Our Major Word Processing Services include:

  • Manuscript processing
  • General typing service
  • Survey data processing
  • Audio typing service
  • Copy typing service
  • Reports processing
  • Thesis/research papers
  • Booklets processing service
  • Mailing labels

Other Services include:

  • Preparing the index
  • Editing
  • OCR
  • Mail Merging
  • Text Formatting
  • Table Formatting
  • Page numbering
  • Caption numbering and labeling
  • Footnote styling and standardization
  • Creating table of contents
  • Placing the image
  • Setting the header and footer

Our team will ensure to deliver the processed data in any structured format such as MS Excel, MS Word, WordPerfect, XML, PDF, SGML, or any other essential software offered by the client. We process the data efficiently and convert it into a simple, readable, and an interpretative form.

If you want to enhance the quality of your data processing results, kindly drop us an email at [email protected]