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XML (Extensible Markup Language) is basically a metalanguage which allows the users to give a detailed description about their own customized markup language so that it could be easily displayed on the Internet.

India Data Entry offers the best XML data entry services to all the clients at an affordable price. XML is considered to be a powerful tool to transfer the data from one form to the client’s preferred format. The concept of XML is used to store the information on an online base.

Our efficient team of data entry operators, utilize the advanced technologies and will offer you with the best and reliable output. Most of the large corporations have effectively used our XML data entry services to enhance their business productivity. No matter, whether it’s an online or offline work, our XML data entry services stand unique amongst the crowd.

The major XML data entry services offered by us are:

  • Paper documents into HTML-XML conversion
  • Text files into HTML-XML conversion
  • MS Word into HTML-XML conversion
  • PDF files into HTML-XML conversion
  • MS Excel into HTML-XML conversion
  • Quark into HTML-XML conversion

Our team of XML data entry specialists carefully analyze and study the minute details while going through the updated or latest rules of XML language. We carry out frequent training for our programmers so that they are well-updated with the PHP,, and other few languages. We ensure to finish off the XML data structures via neutral standards of data entry.

With an increase in the field of outsourcing, the concept of XML data entry outsourcing has gained a wide popularity. We carry out the data entry from input formats such as magazines, manuals, books, journals, manuscripts, and digital content

We utilize the best XML technology, wherein the data is captured for enhancing the smooth and easy data transmission and allowing it to cross various formats in a pre-defined manner.

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